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Dear Friend,

A) Who the hell am I?
B) Why is this site going to be so important to you?

Answer - My name is
Steve Franklin and since August 2011 I have been appointed as racing manager for the 2% Racing Syndicate. This site will become important to you because at present you are not making your betting pay. You may be using Racing Post tips, or making your own selections, or using horse racing tips from a service that is just not  good enough. It's a familiar story that we hear all the time.Racing Post Tips

Sure you may have the odd winner, but taken across your last 25 bets or so you are definitely running at a loss! 

How do I know this? Well the truth is I don't actually! Not for certain, anyway. But the fact is that I have probably better than a 98% chance of being right.

Why? Because the truth is, in horse racing today, the bookies rely on the fact that about 98% of people who back horses with them don't know what the hell they are doing! This leaves 2% of all people who back with them as the people who regularly and consistently, that is, season after season, show a very fat profit at the bookies expense! 

This select crowd, i.e. the 2% have two things going for them.




It is this 2% that the other 98% see living so well, i.e. driving top of the range cars, dressing well, eating at the very best restaurants, horse racing tipsalways seeming to have a large wad of the folding stuff in their back pockets etc.

Guess what the 98% think? They think "Lucky Sods".

Guess what the 2% (Hopefully you will by now have realised why we are called the 2% Racing Syndicate) are NOT? Correct , they are NOT lucky! They are winners because they have the two things going for them that I mentioned before.Racing Tips For Today

They are winners in life because they made sure they did not EVER repeat EVER back a horse without using the two assets mentioned in A and B above. That is what is required to make consistently large profits in horse racing today.

Think about it. If 98% of backers knew what they were doing, and 2% did not, there wouldn't be any bookies to bet with. They would all be out of business! But because it's only 2% who are actually successful, the bookies can live with continually paying out to the 2%. Hey! Why not! They're doing very well out of the 98% thank you very much!

So you see I don't have to be a fortune teller to guess that there would be 98% probability of being correct if I said that you were showing an overall loss with your betting and current horse racing tips over a reasonable period of time.Racing Tips For Today

If you are one of the 2%, then you won't need our service. In fact by the time you get to the end of this site, you'll probably be downright furious at the information I'm going to be giving to people who won't, like yourselves, have to pay a fortune for the information.

YEP! That's the way it's done folks (as if you didn't already know) QUALITY INFORMATION is the only way to consistently show very large profits.

Quality information only comes from quality contacts, and believe me the best contacts do not come cheap, (don't ask!!).

You can study form until you are blue in the face,Racing Post Tips and you probably have. But how many times, after being pretty damned sure that the horse you have chosen stands out a mile against the opposition, how many times has the same horse (it's probably an odds on favourite anyway) been well and truly beaten by a horse with a string of noughts before its name in the form guide?

We've all seen this happen, and only too regularly! Anyone with a little sense and knowledge about horse racing today, knows that the winning outsider has been laid out specifically for the race. The trainer has probably run the horse over the wrong distance a couple of times. He has also perhaps allowed the horse to have an easy race or two. The sole purpose of course, is to make the form look poor, and so boost the odds for the big day!

In the above scenario, what happens?Horse Racing Tips OK if you don't want to guess, I'll tell you. 98% of the punters have been on the favourite, or maybe the second favourite (surprise, surprise!). Now guess where the 2% were. Dead Right!!! In the know and in the money.

As an example, we recently listened to our best contact (when this guy talks, you don't talk, you listen) tell us of a horse that we should be on, that was running at Ascot. Now when this guy says you should be on, guess where you should be? Dead right. On, and on with a vengeance!! Now guess where we were? Right! You learn fast! On and on with a vengeance! And so were our members by the way!

The horse was given a superb ride and won the race nicely, as expected. The odds of this winner? A sweet 12-1 SP (16-1available at the time we advised it) !!!

Now let me take a moment to avail you of a bit of common sense. No matter what anyone tells you, no matter what you read anywhere, no-one, repeat, no-one can give you information that is 100% correct every single time.at the races

Now the more intelligent amongst you will already know this. It's obvious that sometimes, even the best planned coups' run foul of old mister fate! The horse may strike itself, or may be struck by another horse, or the saddle may slip, or any number of other things.

But Hey! Let's not get despondent here! The good news is that guess what, "You don't have to win 100% of the time!" You only have to win enough times to stay ahead of your bookie over a given period! This allows you a very, very nice second (or even main) income.

Right, let's get down to the nitty gritty! How does our service work, and what does it cost?

Well, the contact I told you of earlier, is just one of the many that we have access to. Seven out of the last ten times that this guy has given us the "nod", the horse has gone in at odds of 7-2 to 16-1!!! Three times fate took a hand.

Horse Racing Tips For TodayNow your average 98%er would throw his hands up in despair on those three occasions because he had lost. The professionals don't have this approach at all. We know full well that with the sort of information we have access to, the money is only lent. Sure enough, seven wins from ten from this source alone, saw us and our members so far in front of the bookies we were out of sight.

So why are we prepared to share this information with you?

Well what do you think happens when your friendly neighbourhood bookmaker twigs that you are winning large amounts regularly, time after time? Does he throw up his arms in delight that a 2%er is betting with him? Racing Tips For TodayDoes he invite you around to dinner with his family? Surprisingly enough NO!! What does he do? He closes your account faster than you can say "Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm a 2%er!" This happens with the next bookmaker, and the next! These guys just can't bear to part with large amounts of money for some reason. Funny, that's what I thought they were for!! The betting exchanges have helped obviously.

But you get the picture? Now, as I have already said, the information that we pay for does not come cheap. We have to pay bundles for it (again don't ask!) To our members however, the information we pass on comes exceedingly cheap!!!

Patience....You'll see just how cheap very shortly! First, it is important to know how you can get in, and just how it all works.

Racing Tips For TodayWell, membership costs just 57 per month. (I know crazy isn't it). Now obviously, because membership is limited to a finite number (otherwise the odds would be ruined) the membership subscriptions alone do not cover our costs for the information. So the way we work is this. When we give the name of a horse, which has cost you absolutely peanuts (if 57 a month isn't peanuts, then I don't know what is!) you place your bet plus a small bet for us of 10.00 win, or 5.00 each way if it is advised as an each way bet. Then when you go to collect your winnings (which you had better get used to doing!) you pocket your winnings and send us ours, less your 10.00 stake of course.

As an example, let's use the horse we mentioned earlier, that won for our members at 12-1 SP.

So let's say that on this occasion you were already a member (bet you wish you were!!) Let's say you decide to place a 100.00 win bet for yourself, plus our 10.00 win bet.

After the race, when you have skipped merrily along to the bookies, or better still, made your bet online, and collected your winnings, you should have picked up a nice fat profit for yourself of 1,200, Racing Post Tipsplus our winnings of 120.

You only have to look around at other services, many of whom have no genuine contacts whatsoever, charging 100 a month or much more, plus demanding that the bet you place for them is 50.00, to see the excellent benefits you can have by joining the 2% RACING SYNDICATE.

Why on earth pay over the top for garbage information, when you can get QUALITY information at a very fair price?

We have monitored one such outfit recently (quite a well known one) and got fed up monitoring it after they had given 26, yes 26 consecutive losing bets to their members!!! OK maybe I caught them during a bad sequence (a bloody bad one if it was!) but I say again why put up with that sort of duff information? There really is no need, you know.

Monitor our service over seven or ten bets and see what you come up with!! Actually a fair number of bets for monitoring is around twenty, but HEY! 26 losers on the trot? Ptieu!!!

By the way, we do not give you 7 or 8 horses a week. Quality information does not work that way, that is where the patience comes in!. All professionals know that the best information is well worth waiting for. You will receive approximately 7or 8 planned bets from us per month as a member, on average. These horses will be based on quality information which will cost you absolutely peanuts, which you will realise when in six months time, you look back and total your results! By then you will have spent six months behaving like a professional. Horse Racing TipsYou will not have wasted your money on "maybe" bets or guess work, or horse racing tips that come from dubious sources and simply don't work, but instead you will have received and acted upon good quality information, that will undoubtedly have made a huge difference to your pocket!

Also, the longer you join for, the better rate you will get! Check out what I mean on our order form!

You can join by credit or debit card, so we can't make it any easier to become a 2%er!!

ENOUGH ALREADY ! LET ME JOIN!  (If you've found out this much and don't want in, then there's no hope for you!) As soon as we receive your membership payment, we will send you your welcome letter by email, (please allow 24 hours to receive your welcome email), including your own confidential membership number and the date on which our next planned bet is taking place.  You will also be given the option to receive your bets by text message to your mobile phone at no extra charge. You will also be given further details regarding confidentiality etc.

I am convinced you will not find a better value for money service anywhere! I look forward to welcoming you as a member and to helping you win as often as the professionals do!!


Steve Franklin
Racing Manager - 2% Racing Syndicate

NB: Please do NOT send us cheques or postal orders as we do not accept them. Click below now for how to join.

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