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1) I joined 2% Racing for a three month period and it has been fantastic. Keep up the good work. I have tried other services before yours but this is the first time i've made any money and it feels great!!
J Hilton........Blackburn

2) To the 2% team,
Congratulations! I have just shouted myself hoarse at his run from 3 furlongs out, hence the email. It was a brilliant victory and best of all we still have the each way double going! More power to the betting bank. It was great to speak to you yesterday, I forgot to tell you what I think of being a 2 percenter. I think it is a license to print money!!
I hope you do limit the numbers before they affect the odds, as the choices nearly all drift in the market. Everybody wrote off this one's chances because of the ground, except connections, however i did notice that 'OFFICE MONEY' must have been put on to bring the price down from 8s to 7s, could they be trying to limit their losses on the each way double?
I look forward to the next leg on 5 October.
Keep on winning
R Bath...........Wiltshire

4) Dear team,
I would like to thank you for the great information you gave me on Wednesday. I enclose a cheque and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Yours faithfully,
Mark B.......Rotherham

5) Wow !! I have tried loads of tipping services in the past and never had such fantastic results as with the 2% Racing Syndicate. 5 winners on the trot, I can't believe it!!!
Please find my postal order enclosed for the 10 bet I placed on your behalf.
I am now 2454-00 up since joining and all this with only betting 10% of my bank on each bet as you advised.
Keep them coming, I now love ringing my bookie!!!!
David S.......Tamworth

6) Hi
How the hell do you do it?? I know we recently had three losers on the trot, but following this with five straight winners has been the best winning run i've ever had. My wife no longer nags me about going to the local bookies cos I keep coming back with lots of lovely cash! She's now had a new coat and i'm taking her on our first holiday for four years.
Many, many thanks for an excellent service.
Tony D........Cheshire

7) Dear 2%,
I recently stopped using another tipping service after they gave out 16 losers one after the other. I just knew there was good information out there and now I know there is since joing your brilliant service.
I have now got used to betting more professionally, thanks to you, and although I now bet far less often, I have regained all the money I lost with the previous so called service and am now well ahead.
I enclose my cheque with thanks ( I won bundles on the last one ).
Peter M................Cardiff

8) Dear sirs,
I know you told us to keep a low profile and not to brag to our friends about where all the money is suddenly coming from, but it's so difficult when I am now able to afford things i've always had to do without in the past, like a newer car for instance!!
Over the last seven months my betting bank has built steadily upwards and I never worry anymore about the odd losing run because you have shown me a great profit over this period.
Mark C............Blackpool

9) I have stuck to betting only 10% of my bank as you said. The thing is, on my most recent bet my stake was 310-00 to Win !! ( == 10% of my 3,100 bank).
As you know KORAKOR won easily. I only got 5/2 as I called late but I won a fantastic 775-00 !!!!! The bet on your behalf was 10 to win at SP 11/8 = 13-75 and I enclose my cheque.
I will gladly swap 13-75 for info that gets me 775-00 any day of the week, who wouldn't !!!!!!!!!!!
Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.
Lynda B.............Halifax

10)............ Here's my cheque for the last bet. My wife has fallen in love with you!!
Brian D..............Edinburgh

11)............. I'll be sticking with your great service from now on. After years of placing silly bets I am now a confirmed 2%er! You've made me feel like a true professional .
Thanks for the free bet also which was placed at 20/1 and made me a good few quid as I also had a double with the 2% bet.
All the best,
Richard T......................Cornwall

12) ...............You're the best i've found. Thanks for inviting me to become a member.
I never thought it would be possible to have such a worthwhile second income from my favourite sport and all for less than I spend on cigarettes!
Yours gratefully,
Paul D.............Grimsby

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